Where to Buy Synthetic Urine Near Me: Fake Urine Stores and Store Locator

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When it comes to working a corporate job, we’re all too familiar with the dreaded, mandatory drug test. Fail one and you could be bidding a promising career goodbye. That being said, products such as detox pills have become popular on the market – but they aren’t too helpful for anxious employees with limited time to pass a drug test. But worry not! That’s where synthetic urine comes in handy. 

Purchasing a kit from your local supermarket makes for risky business and a cause for suspicion – and we can guarantee that your nearest Walmart doesn’t carry the best synthetic urine. So where do you look?

Here Are the Best Synthetic Urine and Where to Buy Them

Image Product
Sub Solution
  • Accurately replicates normal urine
  • Laboratory-grade formula for best results
  • Can be frozen for better storage
  • Longest shelf life
  • Includes temperature strip
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Monkey Whizz
  • Laboratory-grade formula for best results
  • Cheaper than other brands
  • Can be outfitted with accessories
  • Lab-grade formula for better results
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Quick Fix 6.2
  • Less chance of contamination during preparation
  • Long shelf life
  • Includes temperature strip
  • Powdered urine form
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Where to Buy Synthetic Urine Near Me for Drug Test?

#1. Online Shopping for the Low-key Customer

clear choice sub solution prank kitThe most notable advantage of browsing for products online is that it allows you to keep your purchase discreet and avoid uncomfortable looks from people in line. You can shop without worrying about awkward in-person discussions with skeptical cashiers and unsolicited confrontations. Behind the safety of your screen, there’s no risk of exposing your identity. 

Better still, it’s convenient. You can save on precious time and place orders at your own convenience. With the rise of same-day shipping services, you can rest assured that your deliveries arrive lightning-fast and in nondescript packaging. 

But where do you look?

Your best bet is shopping for products directly from its manufacturer’s website. Products on websites such as Walmart, eBay or Amazon have become notorious for stocking fake and even expired products. Some high-quality choices such as Sub Solution, on the other hand, are sold exclusively online.

However, some still prefer the physical aspect of shopping, especially for the more tactile and visual learners. “What about the awkward encounters you mentioned?”. Well let me introduce head shops!

Why You Should Buy
Sub Solution
Sub Solution is another top synthetic urine on the market with over 99% success rate. It includes a temperature  strip to determine the temperature of your sample before submitting.

#2. Head Shops and Where to Find Them

A head shop is a retail outlet that specializes in the sale of tobacco and cannabis paraphernalia – in other words, an oddity haven that stocks bongs, pipes, and, of course, the occasional bottle of synthetic pee. Bear in mind that not all head shops will sell synthetic urine. Still, the commonplaceness of marijuana and other recreational items has allowed them to run legally in many districts – but how do you scout the perfect one? 

Let’s first head back online. Ever heard of the new millennial mantra “There’s an app for that?” If you’re on the hunt for the best head shops in town, well… there’s an app for that, and it’s called WeedMaps. 

#3. The Magic of Weedmaps

Marijuana Dispensaries in Downtown laA leading tech company in the cannabis industry, WeedMaps is incredibly comprehensive. Every head store it hosts lists its operating hours, the type of paraphernalia it sells, and a phone number. You can filter results by shops that have online options, brands that are verified, lab-tested products, and whether they accept credit card payments.

You can also simply call up your local head shop. Unlike at your local supermarket, a quick ask about whether or not they stock synthetic urine isn’t an unusual question – but you’ll want to do more research than that. 

Ring up a few head shops before making a trip down to each one. Ask about which synthetic urine brands they stock and look up their reliability. If your contact can provide details about a product’s compositions, you might consider yourself in good hands. 

If you’re not too keen on over-the-phone consultations, WeedMaps is also an avenue to connect with other customers on a forum in which users can discuss and review local co-operatives and dispensaries. For those a little more low-key, WeedMaps hosts an abundance of FAQs and product information.

Other Search Options

I’ve since established WeedMaps dominates as an avenue for discovering shops near you, but there are other great alternatives you may want to consider.

Smokemart AU functions similarly and has an online shop of its own. Mobile apps such as HotBox Smoke Shop Finder and Leafly provide product information and have since garnered some 44,000 reviews. Both feature a news section, which you’ll want to keep handy for new products to test or defective ones to discontinue purchasing. 

What Other Information Do I Need to Know?

Finding the ideal head shop for synthetic urine isn’t all about proximity. Keep in mind that most lab technicians are trained to spot telltale signs of fakery, so you’ll want to ask all the right questions when you’re consulting with a head shop. A bottle that looks or even smells like urine won’t be enough to determine its reliability. Ask about whether they sell items that contain urea, uric acid, creatine, and are within the correct pH range. They work in the cannabis industry, so they know what you’re talking about. 

Once you’ve settled on reliable head shops within your vicinity, you may want to inquire about a practice and heating kit. If you’re a first-timer, note that your synthetic urine must be at a particular temperature to pass as, you know, real urine. 

Alternatively, you can ask for their recommended brand. Many will suggest Quick Fix Plus, which is a more affordable option that delivers nearly identical results to that of pricier products.

Am I All Set?

Follow the steps above and you’re more than good to go! If you’re a regular smoker with a head shop of choice, you can follow store updates on WeedMaps (another feature I love). 

As far as shopping for a quick solution to a last-minute drug test, this is a guide you’ll want to follow when making local purchases. That said, I’d personally recommend buying your products online – you can’t trust all retailers IRL. Plus, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

Like many others, my go-to is Sub Solution, which boasts a 99% success rate and options to ship overnight. It’s also half the price of “higher-end” products like Sub Solution and Quick Luck, which go for over a hundred dollars.