Rescue 5 Day Full Body Detox Review

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More than a million people smoke marijuana in the US today. And while some of these smokers may never get caught (or have the luck of living in a state where cannabis is legal), a lot of us still need to contend with the possibility of losing our jobs, our lifestyle, and the respect of our peers because of a failed drug test.

Which sounds a little unfair. Numerous studies have shown that smoking weed is a healthy habit – much healthier and safer than tobacco or nicotine – yet people who smoke it can still be penalized. Fortunately, there IS a way to keep up your smoking habit while keeping your record in the clear: and that’s bluffing your way past your urine drug test.

One way you can do this is by using best detox pills like Rescue’s 5 Day Full Body Detox. Here’s how it works.

How Our Bodies Keep (And Test Positive For) Marijuana

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To beat the test, it’s important to understand how it works. First, when you get your piss in a bottle for urine testing, they’re not actually looking for marijuana per se. Your body has already processed all of that when you smoked, so they won’t be looking for marijuana itself.

What they’ll be looking for are metabolites. These are the traces left behind as our body processes marijuana. Normally we’d be able to pee, sweat, spit, or poop them out a couple of days to a week after we take weed. But depending on how often you smoke and the strain of marijuana you’re smoking, it can take weeks to flush all traces of it from the body.

And since metabolites are in a liquid form, our pee has the heaviest concentration of metabolites. It’s also an easy to access byproduct and something we can’t just stop doing, which is why urine tests are the test of choice for testing marijuana. A good urinalysis can pick out metabolites from as far back as two weeks – even further if you smoke a lot.

So How Do Detox Products Work?

When you introduce a THC detox kit into your body, it will do one of two things:

  • It kick starts and boosts your body’s natural metabolite removal, cleansing your system from toxins earlier than it can do on its own.
  • It temporarily flushes or hides traces of metabolites in your body, causing you to test negative for a couple of hours.

Depending on how much time you have to prepare for the test, you can opt for either of these effects. But the way they work is similar – they all revolve around getting rid of the toxins in our body. So when you pee, the test will have no metabolites to pick up.

What Makes Rescue’s 5 Day Full Body Detox Stand Out?

rescue 5 detox pillsThe Rescue 5 Day Full Body Detox is a box with an assortment of pills that contain all-natural ingredients that boost your body’s toxin removal. Unlike other formulas on the market, the ingredients in Rescue 5 are all based on natural organic diuretics, which encourage peeing and promote waste removal from your bloodstream.

This has two benefits:

One, it prevents tests from picking up on the detox. While most tests will only check for metabolites, more sophisticated tests will examine your pee itself. Some urinalysis tests will break down your pee’s composition to check if you’ve taken any substance that alters what it’s made of. Since Rescue 5 uses all-natural ingredients, they won’t trigger anything suspicious in these tests.

Two, it helps your body cope with the sped up removal process much easier. Remember that your body is used to a certain rhythm in expelling toxins – and detox drinks for drug test kick that into overdrive. Your body’s not designed to take that kind of overwork without a few side effects, most of which usually come because of artificial ingredients. But with organic compounds it’s able to process the waste more efficiently and naturally, harming none of your body’s systems.

Rescue 5 can flush your body of toxins within 5 days, allowing you to take the test with the full confidence that you won’t fail. With a strong formula backed by years of research and experience, it’s an easy-to-take solution that doesn’t need a lot of effort on your part to work.

When You Should NOT Take Rescue 5

detox pills in a bowlSometimes taking a detox drink isn’t the best solution. One huge drawback of going through a cleanse is that it requires days to work, which is time you might not have if you’re selected for a drug test. Here, even taking all the detoxes at once will not work: the ingredients need time to be consumed by your bloodstream. You’ll still show up as negative come testing day.

It’s also a poor solution to heavy smokers or those that take marijuana for medical reasons. Since there’s a larger concentration of metabolites in the bloodstream with heavy use, you might need more than 5 days or a stronger formula to get all the toxins out. Again, there’s not enough time.

Alternative Solutions

One of the best solutions if you can’t use a detox product is to use synthetic urine (here are the best fake urine kits). There are different formulas out there, but the best one that you can use is Quick Fix’s synthetic urine (more on Quick Fix synthetic urine reviews here). It’s laboratory-tested and able to fool medical grade equipment, plus the formula is always being improved to beat newer tests.

Safe With Rescue 5

If you need a detox product that can work in less than a week, then Rescue 5 Day Full Body Detox is your best option to a pass a urine drug test (learn more). Just remember to order straight from the manufacturer and follow the instructions carefully for the best results.