Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine Review: Is it Still the Best Choice?

Everyone will go through urine drug tests at some point. Whether it’s for mandatory government testing, random job checkups, or filing insurance, we’re all going to pee in a bottle sometime.

Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue – but what if you have a little drug habit that you’d rather keep to yourself? That makes drug testing a far scarier thing to face. Luckily for you, there are ways to beat that test and keep that job.

Today we’ll be looking at fake pee, one of the most effective ways to pass urine drug testing. Along the way, we’ll also talk about one of the leading brands that you can choose.

Why Do Drugs End Up In Your Urine Of All Places?

Before we get into the Quick Fix synthetic urine review, it’s helpful to learn the relationship between human urine and drug use.

Whenever you take drugs, your liver processes and distributes it through your bloodstream. Depending on the drug, they can circulate around for hours before they get absorbed by your system. There are also additives in some drugs that allow them to stay in the body for a longer time or have more potent effects.

These leave traces in your body called metabolites. You can think of them as the cast-off candy wrappers that drugs leave behind once your liver processes them, and they stick around for a while. After your body works on getting the drugs absorbed and out of your system, it turns its attention to the metabolites it left behind.

Some drugs leave metabolites that stay longer than others. For example, stuff like cocaine and meth can stay in the system for around three days. Drugs like marijuana or other cannabis products can be detected for up to a week or even a month if you’re a heavy user.

Metabolites are more stubborn to remove than drugs – your body tries to get rid of metabolites in a variety of ways, but the most efficient one is through peeing.

Since metabolites like sticking around in liquid form, your body sends a signal for all the free-flowing metabolites to bond with waste products in your blood; and that all gets sent to your bladder! Once it’s all gathered up, you pee it out. It’s a simple system that takes a while to work, but it gets the job done.

Now here’s why urine drug tests can use this system against you.

How Your Pee Gives You Away During a Drug Test

Since your body can’t pee out all those metabolites all at once, you’ll be walking around with them for a few days. And since you can’t stop peeing even if you wanted to, your piss is the perfect way to test if you’ve been taking drugs.

The scales become even more balanced against you if you’re a regular drug user. The more you take drugs, the longer it takes for your body to remove metabolites. If you count in all the additives, types of drugs you can take, and other factors like your lifestyle and weight, then you can test positive on a drug test even though it’s been two weeks since your last dose.

That’s why even if you stop your drug use, the screening lab can still pick up the substance – and that’s what makes urine drug tests so effective. Not only is it a non-invasive drug test, but it’s something that they can spring on you without warning. 

There’s also a lot of legal precedent for using urine tests as a way to detect drug use. This makes just DECLINING a drug test grounds enough for suspicion, so the best thing for you to do is to comply with the procedure if you ever get picked for it.

So how do they work?

Dissecting The Urine Drug Test

Urine drug tests aren’t complicated: you pee into a bottle, the sample gets sent to a lab, and they analyze your piss against a baseline sample of what normal human urine looks like.

Typically, they’ll be looking for these components:

  • Uric acid
  • Urea
  • Creatinine
  • Assorted amino acids
  • Bacterial growth
  • Waste minerals and nutrients
  • Other traces of what you ate and drank

There’s a lot of ways to confirm drug traces. Sometimes your company will use a urine test kit, while other advanced institutions like labs will break down and analyze your urine by molecule. That’s also not counting the testers themselves, who may be trained in detecting drugs from odor or temperature.

The variety of lab equipment can also make cheating a urine drug test very difficult. Depending on the institute your sample gets sent to, they can employ anything from molecular separators to urine analyzers to break down your pee. Some companies even interrogate your co-workers to see if you’ve been taking drugs or keep a watch on you when you get in and out of work.

While urine drug testing works slower compared to other methods, it gives one of the most reliable results. On average, a urine drug test can detect traces of drugs with 98% accuracy, making them nearly impossible to fool.

Nearly, but not impossible. With the right product and a little forewarning, there is a guaranteed way that you can beat a drug test. Let me introduce you to synthetic urine.

What’s Inside Quick Fix 6.3?

Quick Fix 6.3 is the brainchild of Spectrum Labs, a company known for making the medical grade synthetic urine for lab use. That also means these guys have an intimate view of the modern urine testing equipment – meaning that they can stay one step ahead of advancements!

Like all lab equipment, drug screening companies need to calibrate the urinalysis kit to make sure that it can detect abnormal samples. And guess what brand most companies use as a baseline? That’s right: Spectrum Labs!

So when you buy Quick Fix synthetic urine, you know that you’re already getting a brand that can pass medical-grade testing equipment. It replicates real human urine with 99% accuracy, allowing you to fool even the most advanced urine drug tests.

But what do you get when you buy Quick Fix 6.3? Here are the contents:

  • One premixed sample of fake urine
  • One heating pack
  • One temperature strip

Let’s look at them in detail.

The Premixed Sample

Unlike other brands of fake pee, Quick Fix synthetic urine comes in a premixed form. This makes using Quick Fix 6.3 a lot easier compared to other brands since you don’t have to mix anything or prepare any other material to use it.

The premixed form also makes the actual switching of the sample easier when you use Quick Fix urine. The danger of using other brands that need mixing is that you may not prepare it right, so they can flag your product once it goes through laboratory testing.

Using Quick Fix urine avoids this problem as it’s a simple product that doesn’t settle or separate into parts during testing.

The Heating Pad

Remember what we said about testers checking for temperature when you hand over your sample? That’s because the temperature range of normal human urine is around 90 degrees or higher when you pee it out. The reason you can’t pass urine that’s at body temperature or below is that your bladder compresses the pee before letting it out, so the temperature is higher.

But you can’t just heat Quick Fix right in front of your tester before handing it in, so you need the heating pad to make sure it’s at the right temperature before you switch the samples. Unlike real pee, the temperature of Quick Fix 6.3 can drop if it’s not next to a heating strip. And that’s not even counting if you use Quick Fix urine in cold testing centers!

The Temperature Strip

The temperature strip can help you check if Quick Fix has already gotten to the right temperature before you pass it. If it’s too hot or too cold and your tester may suspect something’s up and you’ll be as good as caught!

The strip is easy to attach to the side of the bottle and provides a clear sign that it’s hit the right temperature before you hand it in.

It might seem a bit weird that these three things alone can pass a urine drug test, but Quick Fix 6.3 prefers a simple approach for better results. Backed with the years of research that Spectrum Labs has done, using Quick Fix synthetic urine is a solid choice for people looking to pass a drug test.

What Makes Quick Fix 6.3 Work?

Unlike other brands, Quick Fix synthetic urine has one of the highest passing rates with lab tests and urine kits. When you buy Quick Fix, you know that you’ll be getting a high quality, trusted product that’s been tried-and-tested for years.

But what else makes Quick Fix 6.3 so special?

It Has All The Ingredients You Need

The exact formulation is the best reason you should use Quick Fix. It contains all the ingredients that a drug test will look for such as uric acid, urea, and other components. Quick Fix urine has one of the highest matching profiles to regular human urine, so you know that you have a good chance of passing by using it.

It’s Undetectable

Some laboratory tests have gotten more sophisticated over the years, with a few being able to pick out fake urine from the real one based on minute differences in ingredients and temperature. But when you use Quick Fix urine, the lab won’t be able to tell the difference because it’s the baseline that it uses when it gets calibrated! Neat, right?

It’s Thorough

Quick Fix 6.3 also includes all the necessities you need to pass a drug test like the temperature strip and a heating pad. By using the product as intended, you can hand in your Quick Fix urine with the right temperature, color, and even smell to fool any lab techs or testers on site.

Backed By Research

Quick Fix 6.3 is improved from another Spectrum Labs formula: Quick Fix Plus. Unfortunately, Quick Fix Plus is now an outdated product that can’t pass modern drug tests. Spectrum Labs is constantly researching and updating their formula according to new findings. Quick Fix 6.3 is the latest iteration of their patented formula boasting a 99% success rate.

With all these benefits combined with the qualities of good synthetic urine that we talked about earlier, this gives Quick Fix a definite edge above most products.

How Do I Use Quick Fix 6.3?

Using Quick Fix urine is easy – that’s one of its strongest points! Here’s what you do once you get the box:

Take out the premixed bottle and put it in the microwave. Quick Fix is one of the few microwave friendly products out there, so it’s easy for you to sneak it into the office pantry and warm it up. This is important for getting it primed to the right temperature so that your heating pad won’t have to do much work.

Take it out of the microwave and shake it well. This generates the even distribution of heat so that your sample is at the right temperature. Attach the temperature strip to the side of the bottle and check if it’s between 94 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the product is still too cold, you can toss it back in the microwave again. Unlike other brands, you can reheat Quick Fix urine as many times as needed. Just be careful to not set the microwave temperature too high, or you might risk the sample overheating and blowing into steam!

If the product is too warm, let it settle for a while to cool down to the right temperature. Do NOT put it in the fridge, as the sudden drop in temperature can crystallize the components, making your sample useless. Remember to check the temperature strip so it doesn’t go down below the recommended heat threshold.

Finally, wrap your bottle of Quick Fix around the heating pad with tape or rubber bands. This ensures that it keeps your sample warm until your test. On average, you can expect the heating pad to keep your sample warm for 6 to 8 hours.

When you get to the testing site, hide your bottle of Quick Fix synthetic urine in your undergarments to avoid detection. Then just switch out the sample and come out of that bathroom smiling.

If you follow all these steps, you’ll have an easy time passing the drug test. If you need more clarification, you can always check any review of Quick Fix online to see how other people have done it.

Sounds Great! Where Can I Buy Quick Fix 6.3?

Quick Fix isn’t something that you can find on your pharmacy shelf (as the law might have strong opinions about it) so the only place you can buy Quick Fix urine is online. That means that you’ll have to be careful that you’re buying the authentic product.

Only buy Quick Fix from through official channels. While you can buy Quick Fix from Amazon and eBay, there’s no guarantee that they’re selling the real deal. Anyone can mix ingredients in a bottle and market it as Quick Fix, so you should be careful with where you shop. Don’t just type in “Quick Fix urine near me” and take the results at face value, so do your research!

Buying straight from the manufacturer has some perks like discounts and expedited shipping. If you encounter drug tests regularly, expect to be using Quick Fix a LOT to deal with any urine drug test that gets thrown your way.

How To Hide Your Sample When Taking A Urine Test

Preparing a perfect sample of fake urine is one thing – hiding it successfully on the day of your test is another, especially if you’re going to be surveilled. At the very least, most lab technicians will ask you to empty your pockets or give you a pat-down before taking a test, so you’ll want to determine a foolproof method for hiding your sample. 

Use a belt. When checking out Quick Fix, you may want to consider adding a synthetic urine belt to your cart as well. The belt wraps around your waist or chest and comes with a vinyl medical grade bag where you can transfer your sample with a syringe (which also comes with the kit). You can easily dispense the sample through a tube, which works for both men and women.  

Tape your sample. If you’re on a tighter budget, you may want to get crafty instead of purchasing extra accessories. You can tape a satchel of your sample to your inner thigh, which is especially effective in case you’re asked to lower your pants and lift up your shirt. 

Use your underwear. For the ladies, there’s no better place to hide your sample than inside your bra. Not only will the contact with your skin keep the sample warm, but lab technicians generally don’t check this area. 

Buy a prosthetic penis. For men, a prosthetic penis can be a great place to hide a pouch with your sample in it. Ensure that the prosthetic you purchase is large enough to store a full sample of urine. If you’re considering this option, we also recommend practicing using it at home before your urine test – it isn’t always as easy as it looks. 

Stuff your sample. If you’re well out of options, you might choose to stuff your sample into a vinyl pouch and up your private parts. It’s definitely a last resort, but also a great way to keep your sample perfectly hidden. Not to mention you won’t need a heating pad to keep your sample warm. 

What Else Can I Do Aside From Using Quick Fix Urine?

So you’ve got your box of Quick Fix synthetic urine and are all ready to go – but is there anything else you can do to increase your chances of passing that drug test? Here are some tips that you can follow.

Stay off the drugs. Sometimes, drug testing isn’t mandatory: the reason they might test you is that you tripped up in your drug habit and someone caught on. Keep your nose clean for a while, and they won’t have a reason to re-test you again.

Follow the instructions. While Quick Fix might be one of the easiest urine products to use, it’s still possible to mess up using it. One case that has tripped up most users is making sure that the temperature is at the level that it needs to be. Always follow what’s on the box. no more, no less.

Check if you’re being tested in other ways. Synthetic urine can only beat a urinalysis. If your employer is REALLY determined (or someone snitched on you) there are other ways that they can test you, and fake pee won’t help with any of them. If you’re undergoing hair follicle or mouth swab tests, get the right products to beat those.

Find out your testing schedule. Some people can get tested for drugs suddenly, but more often than not they announce these tests ahead of time. If you keep a close eye on when these tests happen, you can prepare for them a lot earlier and have an easier time passing the test.

Keep some spares. Synthetic urine products like Quick Fix have a long shelf life and don’t expect that you’ll only get your pee tested once. If you’re not sure about the frequency of which they will test you, keep a few extra boxes of the product with you. Since you can use them whenever you want and they don’t spoil, they’re a handy thing to have on hand.

Check if you have the right product. Don’t confuse Quick Fix 6.3 with Quick Fix Plus! While they’re both made by the same manufacturer, only the former is certified to pass laboratory-grade drug tests. Quick Fix Plus is an old outdated formula – don’t trust it!

Our Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review

So given all that, would we recommend the use of Quick Fix to beat a urine drug test?

Yes. But would it be our best choice? No. While we’ve talked a great deal about how good Quick Fix is, you may have noticed that we didn’t say it was the best.

While Quick Fix works great with most drug tests, it’s dropped off in quality recently, making it more detectable by newer forms of urinalysis. Some testing centers have also caught on to the fact that it’s used a way to cheat their tests, so they’re no longer using it as a baseline sample.

When we looked at the urine reviews of Quick Fix, we also found some users that say it doesn’t work with hospital-mandated drug testing. Since these are newer machines that use specific gravity and microscopic tests to check for substances, the current formula of Quick Fix might not work for them.

That’s not to say that Quick Fix doesn’t work anymore. For your average drug test or laboratory exam, Quick Fix is still a good choice for people who want to pass. But if you want to sleep at night knowing that the fake urine that you’ll use will save your career, then we would recommend you use another product.

If you want to be 100% sure that you’ll pass a urine drug test, then we recommend the use of Clear Choice Sub Solution. It’s a product that has all the bells and whistles you can find in Quick Fix but better – like using heat activator powder instead of a microwave to prime the sample.

Interested in learning more about Clear Choice? Then look at our article discussing it: Best Synthetic Urine.

Is Synthetic Urine The Only Way For You To Pass A Drug Test?

We should clarify that while fake urine kits like Quick Fix 6.3 may be the best chance you have at passing a urine drug test, it’s not the only way. There are two other methods you can try to beat a urinalysis:

  • Detox drinks, which work by kicking your body’s natural detoxification of metabolites into overdrive
  • Masking agents, which temporarily change the chemistry of your pee so it doesn’t get flagged for illegal substances

It’s technically also possible to make synthetic urine yourself using distilled water, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, albumin powder, sodium phosphate, urea, and creatinine. Having said that, it isn’t an easy process, nor is it recommended.

Each method has its advantages over using fake urine but takes a LOT more time (ideally, about ten days) to work. The upside is that you don’t have to worry about things like temperature and heating pads since they cleanse/hide your body of toxins. For the people that have time to prepare for their drug test, these are good options.

But if you’re caught in a pinch and need an emergency solution to pass a drug test, then using Quick Fix is still a good choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still on the fence about Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions that might help guide your decision.

Where Can I Buy Quick Fix 6.3 Urine Near Me?

You can easily Google “Quick Fix 6.3 near me” online for an authorized retailer near your area, but that isn’t always a reliable source. Your best bet is to buy from a legitimate seller online, since getting it shipped to you is easy.

Does Quick Fix Work?

You might be wondering ‘does quick fix urine work?’ Absolutely! It can’t fool newer types of drug tests, but if you’re confident that your test isn’t that sophisticated, you can use Quick Fix urine. But if you aren’t sure about the urine test that you’ll be taking, we recommend using a better synthetic urine product.

Can Quick Fix 6.3 Fail?

Of every synthetic urine product out there, Quick Fix has one of the best formulas and one of the highest success rates of 99.98%. The only way you can fail is if you fail to heat your synthetic urine to the proper temperature. 

Should I Believe Quick Fix Reviews?

If you give Quick Fix a Google search, chances are you’ll run into honest and mostly positive reviews! If you’re still on the fence, don’t hesitate to click through forums for some anecdotal experience. 

Can You Reheat Quick Fix?

Yes. The hand warmers included in the Quick Fix solution can reheat your sample if it settles at room temperature. For the best results, keep Quick Fix in them after you’ve heated the formula to the right temperature. Remember to shake the bottle as some settling can occur with multiple reheats.

How Much Quick Fix Do I Need To Pass A Urine Test?

The law requires anyone undergoing a drug test to submit at least 2 ounces of urine. However, your employer can legally ask you for more than that. Quick Fix comes in 2oz and 3oz bottles and we always recommend purchasing more than you need – just in case!

Is Quick Fix Unisex?

Though urine can technically be analyzed for gender, standard drug tests won’t require it. Law only demands that certain compounds are being accounted for.  If anything, more meticulous procedures will only require that urine be tested for authenticity. That being said, male and female urine does have slightly different hormonal makeup, and products such as Quick Fix account for this. What’s more important is, if you’re undergoing a supervised assessment, that you are using a delivery system that accounts for your gender. 

Does Quick Fix Expire?

Yes, it has a shelf life of roughly 2 years if stored properly and at the right temperature. Do not use any synthetic urine product after its expiration date – chances are its chemical makeup would’ve already been compromised. A telltale sign of an expired product is foul smell and discoloration. Make sure you check the expiry date of a product before purchasing it. 

Quick Fix vs Monkey Whizz

Monkey Whizz is another type of synthetic urine that is frequently compared to Quick Fix. Quick Fix works better than Monkey Whizz as far as their formula is concerned – until you get to their accessories. The Monkey Dong rubber penis and the Monkey Whizz synthetic urine belt are fantastic ways to smuggle your fake pee into the testing site undetected.

Quick Fix vs Sub Solution

Quick Fix has one edge over Clear Choice Sub Solution: the price. As an entry-level product, a box of Quick Fix costs less than half compared to a box of Sub Solution. If money is a big concern for you, Quick Fix is a good substitute. Just remember that Clear Choice Sub Solution has a higher passing rate than Quick Fix, so it IS worth spending more on.


Urine drug testing is an inescapable fact of life, so people that need to keep their drug habit under wraps should know how to beat them. And for the best solution at a moment’s notice, you can’t go wrong with synthetic urine.

Quick Fix synthetic urine is a great way for you to pass your usual drug test with no worries. But if you want to be sure that you will pass tripping no alarms, we’d recommend Clear Choice Sub Solution.

Just remember to always use the product as intended so you get the results that you want. With enough practice and some advance notice about an upcoming drug test, you’ll never worry about failing a drug test ever again!

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