Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review: Does It Really Work?

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As medical science steps up its game, it’s getting harder and harder to cheat drug tests, specifically, urine drug tests! To this day, urine tests are still the most common form of drug testing since they’re easy and affordable. If that wasn’t bad enough, compared to other tests, a urine test is also one of the trickiest to cheat! 

If you’re stuck with the dilemma of knowing that you’ve got a drug test coming up in the next few days or weeks, detoxing might be a bit too late for you. In this Quick Fix synthetic urine review we’ll discuss why the best thing you can do at this point is to look for a synthetic urine brand that’s known to be effective and trustworthy so you can pass your test.

Why You Should Buy
Quick Fix Plus
Quick Fix Plus is another reliable synthetic urine on the market with over 99.99% success rate. It contains actual urea, so that it closely resembles (meaning it looks and smells like) the really thing.

In this article, we’re laying out all there is to know about infamous synthetic urine brand, Quick Fix, and their new formula, 6.3.

Okay, I’m Listening. What Is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

Quick Fix 6.3 is a fake urine product created by Spectrum Labs. The company creates synthetic urine in labs to help calibrate urinalysis machines and tests. Quick Fix Plus is their main product which has gone through several reformulations, each one better than the last. 

The primary market for synthetic urine are people who need help with drug tests, but synthetic urine is also a product that’s proven to be an effective gardening staple to help ward off pests and rodents, as well as being used as an alternative to real pee in fetish communities.

Does Quick Fix Really Work?

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Quick Fix 6.3 is the latest and most advanced formula of synthetic urine today. Unlike many synthetic urine brands on the market, Quick Fix contains the right amount of urea, a key component in real urine. Most synthetic urine brands will brag about their formula having uric acid, which is actually useless in drug tests because no machine checks for it. In fact, if you see a brand include uric acid – be wary! They might be a scammer.

To top it all off, compared to other synthetic urine brands, Quick Fix is the most user-friendly with its ready-to-use formula and packaging. To use it, you simply need to warm it up! Other brands on the market are still doing it old-school and letting users mix dehydrated urine with some special liquid or water. Not only is this a waste of time, but it also brings user error into the equation – Quick Fix synthetic urine makes absolute sure that their formulation is completely idiot-proof for a 99% success rate.


How To Use Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine?

If you’ve tried some other modern brand of synthetic urine before, using Quick Fix 6.3 will be quite similar. If you’re a total fake pee virgin, don’t worry! Here’s how to use it the proper way:

First off, the most important thing to remember and that’s crucial to the success of this entire operation is the temperature of the fake pee. Fake pee is always warm, and just a little above body temperature. If you’re handing in your fake pee when it’s too cold or too hot, that’s a dead giveaway that you’re handing in fake pee or you’re giving the clinic pee that hasn’t come from your body. There’s a temperature sweet spot you need to hit to make your fake pee foolproof. Quick Fix synthetic urine makes this super easy by providing a temperature strip and heating pad with each fake urine kit.

Second, you’re going to need a urination device depending on how strict the testing clinic is and on how smooth you are with your sleight of hand. Some testing clinics will have nurses watch as you pee, others will just wait by the door. To be safe, you should consider getting a urination device. Quick Fix sells those on its website as well. There’s the Monkey Dong for men and the Monkey Whizz for women. There’s also a standard belt to store your Quick Fix in if you’re super confident in your skills of deception.

How Do I Heat Quick Fix 6.3?

quick fix pro belt kitFor quick and easy reheating of your Quick Fix 6.3, the best way is to use a microwave. Thank god Quick Fix synthetic urine comes in microwave-safe bottles! Just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds at a time to help get it started. Each bottle also has a temperature strip that measures whether you’re at the right warmth or not, so keep an eye on this when microwaving. Each Quick Fix 6.3 kit also comes with a packet warmer so you can keep it warm while you’re waiting for your turn at the testing clinic. The warmer can help keep your sample warm for up to 8 hours.

My Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review

Do I Really Need A Urination Device So I Can Use Quick Fix?

This is one of those things where it’s really better to be safe than sorry! Some drug testing clinics can be super strict, like they’ll have a nurse or medical technician actually watch you pee, some are laxer and just let you do your thing inside the cubicle. Some clinics might even pat you down before you go in to pee, so if you’re just bringing your sample inside a plastic water bottle, you could definitely get caught, and you definitely don’t want that.

Quick Fix sells urination kits on their website that come in two different kinds: the Monkey Dong and the Monkey Whizz. The Monkey Whizz is made for women, while the Monkey Dong is made for men. These urination devices are perfect to use when drug testing clinics have someone supervising you as you’re doing your business.

You always have the option to maybe DIY it and fashion something yourself, but we highly recommend using something that’s been tested and proven to work. If you do decide to use these urination devices from Quick Fix, we suggest getting them weeks ahead of your test so you have time to practice walking with it without looking too awkward or suspicious. It’s not that the Monkey Whizz and Monkey Dong are hard to walk with, it’s that you normally wouldn’t have those things down your pants, so best to get acquainted early on so everything goes smooth.

What is the Best Way to Store Quick Fix 6.3 Fake Urine?

If you have an unopened bottle of Quick Fix synthetic urine, the best way or place to store it is somewhere cold and dark and definitely out of the sunlight. If you’re storing an already opened bottle of Quick Fix 6.3, best to store it in the fridge or if you’re not going to be using it anytime soon, you could store it in the freezer. Make sure to label your containers if you’re transferring them from their original bottle.

Does Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Expire?

Quick Fix urines have an extremely long shelf life compared to other brands. They typically have a shelf life of 2 years, though each Quick Fix synthetic urine has specific dates of when it was made, and when it will expire. Best to check the dates on the packaging to be 100% sure.


What Makes Quick Fix 6.3 Different From Its Previous Versions?

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Physically, there isn’t much of a difference between Quick Fix 6.3 and its older versions. The difference is all in their chemical structure. Quick Fix 6.3 is formulated better so that it’s even more fool-proof and will pass off as clean, real urine. Many drug testing clinics have caught on to the use of synthetic pee and so they try to improve and recalibrate their machines to be able to catch fake pee easier. 

Quick Fix is one of the few brands that does its best to stay ahead of those changes and constantly improve their own formula. This means that you’re always better off getting the latest version! If you opt for an older model, then there’s a chance that the drug testing technology has actually caught up and surpassed the older version of Quick Fix. If you make sure to get the latest version, which is Quick Fix 6.3, then you’re guaranteed to pass!

Quick Fix 6.3 is also ready to use unlike other synthetic urine brands on the market which still come in dehydrated powder and require some preparation and mixing. Talk about a hassle! This version of Quick Fix simply needs to be heated and then it’s ready to go.

Wait, So What Is Quick Fix 6.3 Made Of?

Like all synthetic urines, Quick Fix is made to smell, feel, and taste like authentic human pee. The Quick Fix formula has all the necessary chemical ingredients needed so that it passes off as real pee. These include creatinine, urea, pH, and other chemical components to pass it off as human urine. One of the most important ingredients in Quick Fix’s synthetic urine is urea.

A lot of other fake pee brands brag about their formula having uric acid. If you’re not too into the science of it all, of course, you could automatically choose that brand. Here’s the truth though: when testing for drugs, labs don’t test for uric acid, but they test for urea. Yep, that’s right, y’all. Urea is one of the body’s naturally occurring biowastes that we pee out. So duh, uric acid and urea aren’t the same things. For drug tests, urea is one component they’ll definitely test to make sure you’re handing in a real pee sample.

Where Can I Buy Quick Fix 6.3 And How Much Does It Cost?

where to buy synthetic urine near meQuick Fix 6.3 can be bought straight from their website. The company which makes Quick Fix, Spectrum Labs, guarantees fast and safe shipping. Shipping rates may differ depending on the area of delivery though, and depending on some states’ laws, certain places might not be shipped to. Best to check with the website directly. Quick Fix synthetic urine products are also found on Amazon and eBay, though you should avoid buying them since they’re most likely expired.

A bottle of Quick Fix 6.3 synthetic urine at sale price costs around $40 to $100. Prices depend on how many you buy, what discounts are available, and who you’re buying them from. When you purchase Quick Fix on their site, you can also buy pouches, belts, urination devices, and extra heating pads. Spectrum Labs usually offers a bundle discount, wherein you can purchase 4 for the price of 3, but it’s only available on their Official Site.

Check out guide on where to buy synthetic urine near me to find headshops and stores that sell this product.


Q: Can you freeze and reheat Quick Fix?

A: Freezing your sample of Quick Fix 6.3 will not affect its chemical formula, so yes, you can freeze and reheat Quick Fix 6.3 and use it for a test, given that your sample hasn’t passed its expiration date yet.

Before you can get to heating your frozen Quick Fix synthetic urine sample, make sure you set it out first so that it naturally comes to room temperature. Make sure as well not to thaw it out too fast! That means no microwave, no sunlight, and no stovetops.

Q: Will Quick Fix Pass a Lab Test?

If you want to pass that dreaded urine drug test, you should try Quick Fix with a guarantee of 99.9% success rate. With this synthetic pee, you can pass any urine lab test.

Q:How do I Store Quick Fix?

A: Any little bit leftover that you want to save for next time you can store in a sealed and labeled container in a cool dark place, preferably in the fridge or freezer.  

Q: Can you go to jail for faking a drug test?

It’s criminal to use or possess a substance with an intent to use for faking a drug test, it is a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by a jail sentence of not more than 180 days and/or a fine.

Q: Is Quick Fix 6.3 Detectable?

Quick Fix is the perfect urine brand if you need a substitute for your own urine. It’s safer, cleaner, and longer-lasting than organic urine, but it’s still completely undetectable.

If you know you’re facing a rigorous test like Labcorp, consider getting the most high-tech fake pee product – Quck Fix. It will pass any urine drug test if used correctly.

Q: Can Quick Fix be exposed to direct sunlight?

A: Don’t store your fake pee just anywhere! If already opened, make sure to keep it in a closed container, away from any heat or direct sunlight. Storing it improperly could affect the quality of the product. If you’re trying to thaw out frozen Quick Fix synthetic urine, make sure not to let it melt or thaw out in the sun. Instead, you can let it thaw out in your sink or in another container away from the sun but in a warm area in your home.

Q: Cam You Reheat Quick Fix in the Microwave?

A: First of all; you’re not meant to use a microwave! You can use a heating pad, either those disposable ones or electric ones, to get your sample up to the ideal temperature. You can also keep your bottled sample in the warmest parts of your body, like in your pants, to warm it up. Although, this method of heating could take about 45 minutes to an hour to get your sample at the right temperature.

Q: Can you mix a new Quick Fix 6.3 sample with an older one?

A: Alrighty, so maybe you’ve been keeping a little extra Quick Fix 6.3 from a previous test but then realized you’re definitely going to need to buy another bottle, you think about mixing the two so that you have enough. As long as both samples haven’t passed their expiration dates and they’ve both been stored properly, then yes, you can definitely mix two Quick Fix synthetic urine samples together. 

Q: Can Quick Fix 6.3 be Mixed with older versions? 

A: Nope, definitely not cool. It’s absolutely not advisable to mix two different versions of Quick Fix together as this can alter the composition and effectiveness of the product.

Q: Can I mix Quick Fix 6.3 with my own pee?

A: Definitely not! If you mix your drug-positive pee with some clean drug-free Quick Fix pee, it doesn’t cancel out. Like, that’s not how it works, man. If anything, your test might come out positive for drugs or it’ll colossally mess up the results. Again, people, don’t mix your drug pee with clean pee!

Q: Where can I safely purchase Quick Fix 6.3?

A: You can buy a pack of Quick Fix 6.3 on their official website. We highly recommend purchasing any Quick Fix product from their website only so that you can be totally sure you’re getting the legit stuff and not some knock-off brand or an expired batch. A big advantage of buying your Quick Fix directly from their site is that you can also get special discounts when you buy different bundles or when you buy wholesale. They also have bundle packages that include either a Monkey Dong or a Monkey Whizz when you purchase Quick Fix 6.3.


Q: Is it possible to buy Quick Fix 6.3 locally, instead of online?

A: Yes, you may find it locally, but officially, you can only purchase Quick Fix synthetic urine products online directly from the manufacturer, Spectrum Labs. Spectrum Labs doesn’t distribute their products to any dispensaries, head shops, or adult novelty shops. If you find one there, chances are it’s a dupe or the owner probably bulk-ordered it themselves online to sell at their store most likely at a higher price.

Any Quick Fix product not bought directly from their website has no guarantee of authenticity or reliability, so just keep that in mind. Plus, you won’t be able to argue or claim a return, refund, or exchange if you purchase from outside their site.

Once again, I highly recommend you take advantage of special discount of 4 for price of 3 promotion available at the official Quick Fix site.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a synthetic urine brand to trust, look no further than Quick Fix Synthetic urine by Spectrum Labs. Some people might argue or be skeptical that the constant rollout of version after version means there’s something defective with previous formulas when in fact, Quick Fix works hard to stay ahead of current drug tests.

As drug testing gets more sophisticated, Quick Fix synthetic urine works to make sure they’re two steps ahead by improving their formulas to be foolproof and to pass every drug test across all charts. Quick Fix formulas are so reliable that their samples are even used to calibrate urine testing equipment.

Quick Fix synthetic urine is relatively easy to use, compared to other brands that still come in a dehydrated form and need to be mixed or have some special preparation. To top it off, on Quick Fix’s website, they have everything you need to prepare yourself for a drug test. Aside from the synthetic urine, you can purchase urination devices, extra heating pads, and if you need it, extra pee. They also have some sweet sale prices and bundles from time to time which makes purchasing from the website totally worth it.

Quick Fix also guarantees fast shipping and discreet packaging, so you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors snooping through your packages, trying to figure out what you’re up to. Quick Fix has a 99.99% success rate among thousands of returning customers

The bottom line of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review is that kit is the gold standard when it comes to synthetic urine. With such a high success rate there’s simply no better formulation on the market. If you’ve got a test coming up, don’t risk buying anything else!