Detoxify Mega Clean Detox Review: How It Can Help You Pass Your Drug Test

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If you’ve got a drug test coming up, there are a lot of methods you can try to make sure you get good results. One of the most popular methods is synthetic urine which is highly effective but also very risky. It’s relatively easy to prepare and it’s helped a lot of people pass their drug tests. What’s tricky about it is the fact that you have to keep it warm enough for it to pass off as real urine. While it’s a good option, it’s pretty risky, so I think it’s only worth getting as a last resort.

A safer and less risky option for passing drug tests is a natural detox. If you’ve already done your research on natural detox plans, then I’m pretty sure you’ve encountered a brand called Mega Clean.

Why You Should Buy
Mega Clean
Mega Clean is one of the few premium detox drinks for drug test on the market with a blend of natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals that help your liver and kidney flush out the toxins from your body.

Mega Clean is one of the most popular brands on the market, but is it as effective as the reviews say? In this article, I’ll be testing just how good Mega Clean is, and if it’s just what you need to help you pass your drug test.

The Natural Detox

detox for drug testBefore we get into Mega Clean, let’s define what a natural detox is first. 

For those of you who are doing this for the first time, a natural detox is basically just speeding up the cleansing process of your body with a cleansing agent, like a detox drink or pills. It sounds a little scary, but don’t worry! Most brands use natural ingredients for their products, so you won’t have to worry about putting your body through anything painful or unsafe.

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What’s In Detoxify Mega Clean Detox?

Mega Clean is one of the few premium detox drinks for drug test sold by Detoxify. They also have other similar products like Mighty Clean and Xxtra Clean, but for the sake of this review, I’ll only be talking about Mega Clean.

The ingredients of Mega Clean are simple but some of them are a bit hard to find in your general stores. Their products have diuretics in them that are proven to effectively cleanse your body of any toxins – and the best part is that they’re all natural!

Mega Clean has no added chemicals or preservatives, making it totally safe for you to use. It has the premium blend of natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals that help your liver and kidney flush out the substances from your body.

Because of its blend, it’s really strong, meaning that it can work well for heavy smokers! 

How It Works

In a typical Mega Clean kit, you’d find:

  • One liter of the Mega Clean Cleansing Drink; it comes in two flavors: wild berry or tropical fruit.
  • Six free Pre-Cleanse capsules, meant to be taken the day before your medical exam

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Before starting the cleanse, stop taking any kind of drug at least 48 hours before the first day of your detox. Eating lean meat, high-fiber foods, getting lots of sleep, and drinking lots of water are also recommended so that your body can clean out as many toxins as it can.
  • 24 hours before your medical exam, take all of the six Pre-Cleanse pills. You can take them all at once or spread them out throughout the day – whatever you do, just remember to drink lots of water and urinate frequently.
  • On the day of your exam, allow at least two hours before your drug test to drink the Mega Clean detox drink. Make sure to shake it well and drink it within 15 minutes!
  • When you finish the drink, refill the bottle with water and drink that for another 15 minutes.
  • In the next hour or so, you’ll be urinating frequently, so make sure you pee at least twice! This will help your body flush out the toxins in your system.

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mega clean detox drink for drug testThat’s it! Taking the Mega Clean detox plan is very straightforward and easy, like most detox plans. But, unlike other brands, Mega Clean doesn’t rely too much on water for it to work properly. Based on the instructions, you just need to drink a bottle of water once and you’re good to go! It’s a good thing because some people overdo it and end up drinking too much water, diluting the pills and making them ineffective for the test which is definitely not what you want.

While most detox brands require you to start the cleanse days before your exam, Mega Clean allows you to start 24 hours before the exam, so it’s perfect for those surprise, last-minute drug tests. Besides that, it works fairly quickly, so you really just need to time it well so that you’re “clean” by the time you go to your drug test.

Remember that the way Mega Clean (and most detox plans) work is that they don’t really remove the toxins from your body completely, just from the bladder and urinary tract so that your pee comes out clean. It has vitamins and minerals, like creatine and uric acid, that cover up the substances in your system so that it’ll pass the drug test. But it can only do that for a few hours – Mega Clean’s effects last for about 3 to 5 hours – so be very mindful of when you start your detox plan, or else you’ll risk failing!

The Verdict On Detoxify Mega Clean Detox

From my experience with Mega Clean, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs it! When I took my drug test, I made sure to follow the instructions very carefully so that I would get the full benefits of Mega Clean – and my results came back clean! It’s very effective, reliable, and fast, so you can walk in your drug test with confidence and certainty.

The only downside that I see from Mega Clean is that it’s a bit pricey, selling for around $70.

But, hey, if it’ll give you peace of mind and help you pass your drug test, I’d say every penny is worth it!

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Final Thoughts On Mega Clean

So, when it comes to detox drinks that work, Mega Clean is definitely high on the list. I’d say that it’s a good option for drug tests, especially when you’re short on time to prepare for it.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should only buy Mega Clean from an Official Site. If you find any Mega Clean sellers on Amazon, eBay, or other similar shops, chances are that they’re either expired, fake, or old stock which puts you at risk of failing your drug test. 

If you’re interested in stocking up on Mega Clean, drop by TestClear.Com and order today!