An Honest Magnum Detox Review: Does It Really Work?

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Marijuana use is more common than you think – according to surveys weed smokers actually outnumber cigarette smokers in 2021 America! Crazy, right? The only problem is, cigs are legal and weed is not. If you live in a state that allows it, good on you! But if you don’t, you’re sunk.

Workplaces will always test you for drugs. And we both know that failing a drug test means the possibility of losing your job. Now the question is, how can you bluff your way through these tests?

Without a doubt, the best method is by using fake pee! Today, I’ll be looking at one of the more common products you might see: Magnum Detox Fake Urine.

What’s Fake Urine?

In case you need a refresher course, fake urine is what it says on the bottle: urine that’s developed to look and feel like actual urine. There are a lot of uses for it, from pranks to gardening aids, but today I’ll just focus on the drug testing aspect for now.

See, synthetic urine is a marijuana user’s best friend for urine drug tests. It’s not the ONLY way to pass a urine drug test, but it’s one of the best ways. Why? Let me explain.

It requires very little prep time. Compared to detox drinks for marijuana and cleansing pills (which can take up to a week or more for maximum effectiveness), you can use fake urine out of the box with no preparation. Even if your test is scheduled the very next day, if you have a box of synthetic urine prepared, you’re good to go.

It doesn’t make you take anything for it to work. Detox drinks, masking gums, and cleansing mouthwashes need to be ingested, which can be difficult for people with allergies and other conditions. If you’re sensitive to a lot of ingredients, you might find that using any of these products will do more harm than good.

They’re easy to use. The most amount of effort you’ll be using for a fake urine kit is heating or mixing the ingredients – no need for any fancy cleanses or adjustments to your diet. If you can sneak in the bag of fake pee, you’re good to go. Some models even have a special mechanism that makes transferring it to the cup much easier!

It has a long shelf life. Unlike other products, fake pee has a shelf life of years. This makes buying in bulk more practical than just getting a pack whenever you need it, since it won’t spoil. It’s a great deal for people who smoke a lot!

They don’t take how much you smoke into account. One of the biggest drawbacks of using stuff like detox drinks or cleanses is that they take a little more time to work depending on how much marijuana you use. But fake urine is usable no matter how much or how little you smoke!

Add that to the fact that fake urine is one of the more accessible products on the market, and you have yourself a sure-fire recipe for bluffing your way past that urinalysis!

What’s In The Box?

First, let’s clear up that Magnum Detox is fake pee, not a detox drink – it just so happens that the company started out by making detox drinks, and they’ve only recently expanded their offerings to include stuff like fake pee.

When you buy a box of Magnum Detox, it should come with:

  • A container of fake pee: contains the basic formula for replicating actual pee
  • A vial of uric acid: to be added to the container of fake pee for more realism
  • A heating pad: to warm up the urine before giving it as a sample
  • A rubber band: to strap the urine container to yourself before testing

There’s detailed instructions on the packet on how to use all these ingredients, so we’ll skip past those for now. So to the important question – how do all these things work together?

What Makes Magnum Detox Different?

You might have noticed that the uric acid is separate from the other ingredients containing fake pee – that’s because it’s essential to making sure that the formula measures up against laboratory tests. Real pee is made up of several components, including but not limited to:

  • Creatinine
  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Assorted bacteria
  • Leftover vitamins and minerals
  • Other trace elements of what you’ve eaten or drank

Magnum Detox works once you mix in the uric acid with the other components, “activating” the solution so it resembles real urine. Before that, the components are inert – they don’t do anything, and they definitely won’t pass a laboratory test trying to look for the real thing.

After that, it’s a simple matter of getting the heating pad on, making sure that the components are mixed, and sneaking the sample into the testing center. If you don’t run into any significant roadblocks and don’t draw suspicion to yourself, that’s the test in the bag!

… or is it?

Does It Work?

The all-important question is: does Magnum Detox work? After a couple of days of testing at home and a few lab exams courtesy of a friend in the biz, I can say… maybe.

The formula is solid – it really replicates the baseline composition of what you’d expect clean pee to be, it just doesn’t do it THAT WELL.

See, tests today are getting a lot more sophisticated. In the earlier 2000s, I can totally see Magnum Detox being able to fool most company drug tests with flying colors. For example, in my own tests with my home tester kits, Magnum Detox didn’t set off any kind of alarm, except the 16-panel laboratory kits. So for fooling casual testing, it’s a good choice.

A laboratory analysis though is a different story. While the sample DIDN’T test positive for traces of stuff like THC, it also didn’t test normal for what real pee is like. There were a couple of artificial components that showed up on the lab analysis, most of which doesn’t appear in human urine! That’s a huge red flag for testers, as that means the sample has either been tampered with or isn’t real urine.

Why does this happen? It has something to do about how the formula is mixed. Other fake pee brands have all the ingredients pre-mixed into one bottle that only needs to be heated; while Magnum Detox needs a little bit of assembly. Maybe the actual formula works when mixed perfectly every time – but who has that kind of patience with a big company drug test? It’s just too unreliable.

There’s also the heating pad. Normal pee is supposed to be around the 90 to 98 celsius range, but the heating pad that comes with the product can’t keep it at that temperature before you put it in the sample cup. If your tester is paying close attention, they might notice that your pee isn’t as warm as it should be, which can be a big red flag towards you getting caught.

So yes, you CAN use Magnum Detox Fake Urine to pass a urine test, but you’d better make sure you don’t have any better options or the test isn’t that sophisticated. While it’s a sound formula in a neat box, there’s just too many ways that someone can get it wrong to be a guaranteed recommendation from me.

So What Do I Use Instead?

If you ARE looking for the best brand of fake urine, then I can recommend Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. Not only is it a product that’s ready to use straight out of the box, but it’s also a formula that’s improved over time to keep up with newer testing methods. A lot of users have reported high levels of success using Quick Fix (read full quick fix synthetic urine review), and their formula is one of the most reliable brands you can ever get.

You can get Quick Fix on the official website. Getting it from there means that you’re sure that you have the authentic product and not a cheap imitation – plus you get a lot of cool stuff like discounts and shipping options when you order straight from them. I’ve used Quick Fix myself for several random drug tests, and I can say that it’s a product that earns its recommendation from me.


Just get Quick Fix instead, it works a lot better. Magnum Detox talks a big game, but it fumbles the ball! It MIGHT pass a casual urine inspection, but don’t think it can hold up against newer lab tests or more sophisticated urinalysis.