Completed Research Projects

Completed Research Projects
Completed Research Projects:
 :: Asthma
Clinical characteristics of high-risk urban patients with severe asthma and predictors of adherence to asthma clinic appointment.
 :: Infectious Diseases
Development of algorithm to screen jail detainees for chlamydial or gonococcal urethritis
Randomized trial comparing the effectiveness of azithromycin to vitamin C for treating acute bronchitis.
 :: Medical Education
Firm-based trial comparing three methods for teaching cardiovascular examination skills to internal medicine residents.
Survey of academic internal medicine physicians’ beliefs and attitudes about teaching evidence based medicine to residents.
 :: Antibiotic Resistance
Survey of internal medicine physicians’ knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes about antibiotic resistance.
 :: Alternative and Complimentary Medicine
Use of herbal medicines among hypertensive patients in a general medicine clinic.
 :: Chest Pain
Impact of a clinical decision rule on the triage of patients with suspected acute cardiac ischemia in the emergency department
 :: Risk Perceptions
Randomized trial of two methods of informing women about the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy.
 :: Information Technology
The effect of literature searching on attending physicians’ treatment recommendations for a random sample of medicine inpatients.

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