Department of Medicine Research Projects

The Department of Medicine and the Collaborative Research Unit promote action research on highly prevalent problems affecting the health of the vulnerable and diverse patient population of Cook County. The scope of research activities is broad—clinical care, health services research, medical education, and community-based studies.Click here to view a summary of our research projects
Current Research Projects
 :: Health Services Research
Measuring the Costs of Language Barriers in Health Care
 :: Infectious diseases
Chlorhexidine cleansing of medical intensive care unit patients
Determinants of Repeat Chlamydial and Gonorrheal Infections
 :: Preventive Medicine
Adult Immunizations among Immigrant Hispanics
 :: Substance use
Screening brief intervention and referral to treatment
 :: Homelessness
Evaluation of the Housing First Initiative of the Chicago Housing for Health Partnership
 :: Asthma
Work-related asthma
Chicago Initiative to Raise Asthma Equity (CHIRAH)
 :: Heart Failure
Cook County Heart Improvement Study
 :: Central lines
Firm-based educational intervention to improve central line insertion practices
Completed Research Projects
 :: Asthma
Clinical characteristics of high-risk urban patients with severe asthma and predictors of adherence to asthma clinic appointment.
 :: Infectious Diseases
Development of algorithm to screen jail detainees for chlamydial or gonococcal urethritis
Randomized trial comparing the effectiveness of azithromycin to vitamin C for treating acute bronchitis.
 :: Medical Education
Firm-based trial comparing three methods for teaching cardiovascular examination skills to internal medicine residents.
Survey of academic internal medicine physicians’ beliefs and attitudes about teaching evidence based medicine to residents.
 :: Antibiotic Resistance
Survey of internal medicine physicians’ knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes about antibiotic resistance.
 :: Alternative and Complimentary Medicine
Use of herbal medicines among hypertensive patients in a general medicine clinic.
 :: Chest Pain
Impact of a clinical decision rule on the triage of patients with suspected acute cardiac ischemia in the emergency department
 :: Risk Perceptions
Randomized trial of two methods of informing women about the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy.
 :: Information Technology
The effect of literature searching on attending physicians’ treatment recommendations for a random sample of medicine inpatients.

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