WELCOME to the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

The Division of Occupational and Environment Medicine is part of the John Stroger Hospital Department of Medicine. Its Attending Physicians are affiliated with the University of Illinois School of Public Health, Rush Medical College, and Northwestern University Medical School.

The Division of Occupational Medicine/Toxicology has greater state-wide influence on clinical care than any other Bureau entity, principally through its leadership roles in the Great Lakes Center for Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health, the Toxicon Consortium (including Rush and UIC) and the Children’s Environmental Health Unit. Much of this work involves very complex clinical problems, telephone consultations far and wide, and exhaustive literature reviews and clinical documentation. The division specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with occupational and environmental health problems. It also serves as a clinical consultative resource for trade unions, government agencies, employers, attorneys, physicians, and the general public throughout the midwestern United States.

The division also provides timely inpatient and outpatient consultations to all Bureau entities regarding toxicologic emergencies and environmetal/occupational exposures, and now also oversees all medical personnel staffing the Stroger Hospital Employee Health Services (directed by Dr. Kelleher, a graduate of the division’s residency program).

Section of Clinical Toxicology

The Section of Clinical Toxicology is part of the Toxikon Consortium which includes John Stroger Hospital, Rush University Medical Center and the University of Illinois at Chicago. It is dedicated to reducing morbidity and mortality by improving the delivery of clinical and preventive health services to patients with accidental or intentional poisonings.