The New Cook County Hospital (John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital)

The new Cook County Hospital is the state-of-the-art, which serves as the tertiary hub of the Cook County Bureau of Health Services system. The facility replaced a sprawling 13-building campus, whose main pavilion was opened in 1914. From the beginning, the new Cook County Hospital was designed to provide the most advanced medical care and increase efficiency.

The new hospital opened in December 2002, just a few yards away from the original hospital building, the 464-bed hospital is anchored by 228 medical/surgical beds, with dedicated units for obstetrics (40 beds), pediatrics (40 beds), intensive care (80 beds), neonatal intensive care (58 beds), and burns (18 beds). Anticipating an increasing trend toward shorter inpatient hospital stays and procedures, approximately 40% of the hospital’s space is used for outpatient care, specialty diagnosis and treatment.
The hospital has the latest in diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. Digital radiology imaging is used throughout the hospital. Images are visible on GE PACS imaging stations as well as specially designed computer terminals via the internet. Radiology has three new helical CT scanner including one located in the ED radiology area and three new MRI including an open MRI. The hospital was designed with wireless technology at the forefront. Wireless computers on wheels (COWs), palm devices and microcellular telephones allow for efficient flow of patient data throughout the hospital.

Physician order entry is a routine part of the new computer information system. Patient medical records are scanned into the clinical information system and are available from any terminal within the hospital. Physician and nursing documentation are on-line as well.

The new 1.2 million-square-foot John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital formerly known as the Cook County Hospital is continuing a tradition of community-focused hospital care that began in 1866, when the first county-owned hospital building was opened.

The New Cook County Hospital Fact Sheet

Area 1.2 million square feet
Levels 8 plus lower level
Number of beds 464 total beds
~228 medical/surgical
~80 ICU
~40 pediatric
~40 obstetric
~18 burn unit
~58 neonatal ICU
Capacity/projected annual utilization 124,000 (emergency room)
302,000 (outpatient/clinics)
Opened December, 2002
What’s inside
Emergency and Trauma services are located on the first floor.
Trauma includes a resuscitation area, a 12-bed ICU and an observation area.
Emergency and trauma both have 24-hour observation capacity to manage the number of inpatient admissions while maintaining high-quality care.
Adult and Pediatric Emergency services are combined for efficiency.
The Specialty Diagnostic and Treatment Center have six clinic areas on the first and second floors for treatment of inpatients and outpatients referred from throughout the County’s community clinic system. Each clinic “module” has 16 private examination rooms.
Radiology services include MRI, CT, mammography and radiation therapy.
Other diagnostic services include laboratories, dialysis, pharmacy, respiratory therapy, occupational therapy, cardiac diagnostics, neurophysiology, endoscopy, pulmonary diagnostics, infusion therapy and the vascular lab.
Other features Internet access, UpToDate®, Computerized order-entry, Digitized Radiology 24-hour phlebotomy / transportation, 4 CT & 3 MRI scanners, Dedicated Call Rooms & Teaching space, Cafeteria with free food for attendings and residents.