The Collaborative Research Unit

The Collaborative Research Unit is dedicated to improving the health of the people of Cook County through collaboration, innovation, rigorous scientific inquiry, and continuous learning.
Our goal is to promote action research on highly prevalent problems affecting the health of the vulnerable and diverse patient population of Cook County. The scope of research activities is broad—clinical care, health services research, medical education, and community-based studies. For more information view our current or completed projects.
The CRU also promotes research through consultation and by teaching courses on clinical research methods. The Faculty Development Program in Clinical Epidemiology and Clinical Research is an interactive 8-month training program for faculty and fellows who want to develop academic skills in clinical investigation. ….more.
We provide access to several resources online for conducting research. These include all necessary forms required by the institution prior to initiating a research or quality improvement project and instructions regarding the ethical conduct of research. Access to federal research forms (eg, PHS 398) and related instructions are also available.

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