A Review of Clear Choice Sub Solution: What’s In the Bottle?

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Over one in seven adults use marijuana, according to a Reuters survey. Whether it’s for recreational or medical reasons, weed has stopped becoming a niche habit in the United States. And while there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little R&R, there are times when smoking can land you in trouble.

We’re talking about the ever-present urine drug test. It’s required at most corporate jobs, needed when applying for government paperwork, and is generally a fact of life we all have to live with. And if you smoke weed, passing this drug test might seem like a scary obstacle.

Why You Should Buy
Sub Solution
Sub Solution is another top synthetic urine on the market with over 99% success rate. It includes a temperature  strip to determine the temperature of your sample before submitting.

However, it isn’t impossible. One of the tried-and-tested ways to bluff a piss test is by using synthetic urine. And among the best synthetic urine brands, Clear Choice Sub Solution is one that’s well worth your time and money. Here’s how it works.

How Do Urine Tests Work?

urine drug test in progressIn case you’re one of the lucky few that haven’t encountered a urine test yet, here’s how it works. A sample of your pee (fresh, so you need to do it in the presence of a tester) is collected from you at a testing site. This sample is processed via a tester kit or sent to a lab for a more detailed analysis.

Most urine drug tests will check for things like cocaine, meth, opioids, and weed. They can pick up traces of drugs even if you’ve smoked them three weeks prior and have over a 90% success rate in identifying drug traces from 3 to 4 ounces of urine. A well-equipped laboratory can break down urine by composition, and can tell what you’ve been smoking, how much of it you’ve been smoking, and how often do you smoke it.

But to understand WHY they’re so effective, it’s important to understand why our bodies even leave traces of this stuff, to begin with.

Body, Meet Drugs

Anything we eat, drink, or ingest goes to our blood. Since it’s something that goes around the entire body, it picks up traces of whatever we take in and deposit a little bit of it everywhere else.

Now drugs like marijuana don’t behave like most food and beverages; even after you come down from the high, there’s still a lot of it floating around in your body. Once your body has gone through the active ingredients of marijuana (THC or CBD) it leaves behind little traces called metabolites.

Our body doesn’t like metabolites very much – they’re considered a toxin – so it gets them out by any means necessary. This is including but not limited to saliva, sweat, feces, and pee. As a waste product that our body has no use for, these metabolites will leave our body, until we take the substance again.

The problem is that marijuana is strong stuff; it overstays its welcome in our systems. Unlike food and drink, substances like THC linger for a while, forming deposits all around our body. And since our bodies are already in full detox mode, most of the deposits can be found in our urine, saliva, and hair.

Marijuana is particularly stubborn in urine since our body finds it easier to process metabolites in liquid form. That’s also why urine tests are the test of choice for detecting traces of drugs, since our pee is chock-full of them.

So the way to beat a urine test is to make it in such a way that your pee doesn’t test positive for traces of drugs. That’s where stuff like fake pee comes in.

Is It the Best Way?

Before we talk about fake pee, you’ll have to know that it isn’t the ONLY way to beat a drug test. There are two other ways that you can bluff your way through a urinalysis:

  • Detox drinks, which encourage your system to get rid of all the liquid metabolites in your body. They work as cleansing products that can either kick-start or boost your body’s toxin-ridding processes by either making you pee more or making your metabolites easier to remove.
  • Masking drinks, which can pause your body’s production of metabolites. These products shut down the processes that make your body produce toxins (or overwrite them with stronger chemicals) or alter the composition of your urine.

While these methods can be effective, there are also a couple of reasons fake urine outshines them as the best way to cheat a drug test. Here are ways you can fail with the above products:

They all require prep time. Unlike fake pee (which can be used straight out of the box), drinks and cleanses need a minimum of at least a day to two weeks to work. This is fine if you’re aware of your testing date and can prepare in advance, but it’s worthless if it’s something that sprung on you with only hours to prepare.

They can have unintentional side effects. Since you need to ingest these products, they can do many funny things to your system if you aren’t careful. A lot of detox drinks can make you dehydrated if you don’t compensate for the sudden influx of peeing, and some masking drinks can mess up your normal way of peeing for a while.

They’re easy to get wrong. Products like cleanses need a lot of patience and effort to work. Some detox drinks will have you cut down on your usual diet, while others need to be taken in precise amounts at exact times to work. Plus, other substances can cut into the effectiveness of detox drinks, so you need to keep a close eye on the things you eat and drink.

They have varying results. If you smoke a lot, detox drinks are less effective on you since there are more toxins in your body that it needs to remove. The same goes for people that weigh above 200 pounds since they have a lot more metabolites in their body per volume than people that weigh less. If you aren’t careful about your dosage, your drink or masking agent won’t be as effective.

If you’re not confident about your sneak skills and you have time to prepare for a urine drug test, then using a detox drink or masking agent can work for you. But if you don’t have time to prepare for any of that, then fake piss is your best bet.

Why You Should Buy
Sub Solution
Sub Solution is another top synthetic urine on the market with over 99% success rate. It includes a temperature  strip to determine the temperature of your sample before submitting.

What Makes Clear Choice So Special?

sub solution synthetic urine kitThere are a lot of fake urine brands out there. From fetish urine to novelty items, a quick online search will tell you it’s not that niche of a market. But we aren’t looking for just any kind of fake urine – what we need is a medical-grade product that can fool laboratory equipment. So that’s where Clear Choice comes in.

One thing that will leap out at you once you get your box of Clear Choice is that the formula is actually in powdered form. It’s the only synthetic urine brand that’s packaged this way, and it offers two very good benefits compared to fake urine in liquid form:

  1. Lessens the chance of cross-contamination, as it’s easier to handle and work with than a bottle of liquid.
  2. Easier to sneak into a testing site, as testers will look for a liquid sample rather than a powdered one.

Having it in a powdered form also gives Clear Choice a longer shelf life compared to other fake urine products, since you don’t have to worry about the components settling at the bottom of the cup. It’s a product that’s good to go when you NEED it to go, which can be handy for unexpected urine tests.

Clear Choice is also one of the more sophisticated products in its formulation. Unlike other brands that can only beat a home drug test kit at most, Clear Choice is laboratory-certified to fool even medical-grade equipment. It has a high success rate and has a long history of being trusted by weed smokers across the country, so you know this is a product that can deliver.

Clear Choice replicates real pee all the way to the bacterial level, with substances like creatinine and uric acid – two hallmarks of real urine. Most synthetic urine brands can trip up a sophisticated urinalysis, but Clear Choice is one of the few products that pass for real, toxin-free urine.

Just remember to follow the instructions to a T, or you’ll risk losing your job. It may be a superior product, but you need to do your part to use it without running into a hitch. All the stuff that you need to do is printed clearly on the side of the box – and if you STILL find yourself a little confused by all of it, Clear Choice has a ready team of customer representatives to help you with questions.

Where Can I Get It?

The best place to find Clear Choice Sub Solution would be from the Official Manufacturer since it’s not a product that you can find on store shelves. While ordering it online might sound a little difficult, if you do it via their official website, you can avail of the many perks like expedited shipping and discounts.

Another reason to order from the manufacturer is that it helps you avoid the many imitation products of Clear Choice floating around on the market. There are a lot of crooks out there that are willing to cash in on a recognizable product like this by selling fakes. And if you bring a fake urine sample to a very real urine drug test, we don’t have to tell you how much trouble you’ll be in.

One warning: expect your wallet to feel a little lighter after buying Clear Choice. But between your job and a little dent in your wallet, we’re confident in saying that choosing the former is always the clear choice. Pun intended.

When Should I NOT Use Clear Choice?

One thing that often trips up users of Clear Choice is the powder itself. While it is easy to sneak into a testing site and it helps keep the product for longer, it’s also contaminated by other particles in the air that can get into the bottle during the mixing process. 

Since most urinalysis tests break down the composition of urine, not mixing the powder properly can also lead to a botched test result. If you aren’t careful while preparing Clear Choice (either by messing with the powder or not heating it well), it won’t work for you.

If these sound like deal-breakers, then Sub Solution Synthetic urine is the better choice. Widely considered as the best fake pee ever made, it’s made a name for itself with a 99% pass rate when used for urine drug tests. Their formula is always being changed to keep up with newer urine testing methods, and their product is one of the few medical-grade urine kits out there. You can get some from their official website here.

The Clear Choice

If you need synthetic urine to beat a drug test, Clear Choice Sub-Solution is an okay choice. It’s one of the best brands of synthetic urine in the market and if you mix and use it right, you’re guaranteed to pass whatever urine test gets thrown your way. It requires nothing complicated to prepare, it’s ready to use straight out of the box, and it delivers the results you need. This product is practically idiot-proof: and it can be your ticket to keep your smoking habit under the radar.

But if you want a guaranteed pass – I’d recommend this product. Get it now from the Official Authorize Store.