Best Detox Pills for Drug Tests – Pass that Upcoming Marijuana Test

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best detox pills for THC drug test

If you hate taking drug tests, you’re not alone — but it doesn’t have to be such a struggle! There’s no avoiding the dreadful DT, especially when you’re at the mercy of companies that require you to take them at regular intervals. But with the right preparation, it’s actually possible to beat a drug test fair and square.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best THC Detox Kits

There are tons of products out there that guarantee a passing grade, but are any of them actually effective? Read on to find out the best detox pills for THC will help you pass that upcoming drug test!

How Our Bodies Absorb Toxins

Anytime we consume drugs, the cells in our bodies are left to deal with the consequences. Intoxication occurs when the drug molecules reach our brains and spread out to other organs, then they eventually exit through our bodily fluids over time. Whether you smoke, vape, ingest, or snort, they all end up circulating in our bloodstream with some of them lingering longer than others.

The Process of Detoxing

Each person’s metabolic rate is different — it all depends on how much drugs you take, how often you do them, and how potent they are. Our hearts pump the substances through our bloodstream and take them to our livers and kidneys, which filter the toxins and break them down. Beginners don’t have to worry as much because a full detox is doable within a few days to one week. But if you’re a heavy user, it’ll take longer for your body to flush all the toxins out on its own.

Our Top Picks for the Best Detox Pills for THC

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Toxin Rid
  • Best for blood, urine and saliva test
  • Fast working mechanism
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Fortified with minerals and vitamins for better results
  • Generous money-back guarantee
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Rescue Cleanse
  • Works for blood, urine and saliva test
  • Fortified with minerals and vitamins
  • Works within five days
  • No artificial ingredients
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Herbal Clean
  • Fully efficient and working formula
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Works rapidly to help your body cleanse toxins
  • Money-back guarantee
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Stat Flush
  • All-natural ingredients are easily absorbed
  • Fortified with minerals and vitamins
  • Fast working formula
  • Money-back guarantee
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Detecting Drugs 101

There are different types of drug tests and not all of them test for the same things. From organic substances like marijuana and magic mushrooms to synthetic drugs like ecstasy and acid, most tests will screen for anything on the Schedule I drug list. One of the toughest compounds to get rid of is THC from marijuana and its byproduct molecules that store themselves in our fat. It’s ironic how the most organic substance turns out to be more difficult to get rid of compared to other synthetic substances. So, one thing’s for sure: if you can pass a standard weed test, then you’ll be fine regardless of whatever else you take!

Why Are they Required?

Drug tests are used to screen job applicants and encourage people to quit their bad habits for rehab or probation. While new technologies are being used, most of them are for specialized fields in the military, police, and other government agencies. Medical check-ups might require a urinalysis and schools administer tests to students at random as part of their anti-drug campaigns. There are several ways to test for drugs in your system, but most prefer inspecting urine because it’s the most affordable and reliable option.

Types of Drug Tests

The timeframe of detection depends on which drug test you’re gonna be taking, so assess the situation beforehand! Preparation is the secret to success, and getting some vital info on each method can help increase your chances of passing. Take note that detection windows are only estimates of how long the drugs can stay in your system. To find out how far back the tests can detect drugs among mild, moderate, and heavy users, you need to consider your health, weight, height, and habits.

  • Urine – 7 to 90 days
  • Hair – 3 to 90 days
  • Saliva – 3 days
  • Blood – 2 days
  • Nails – 6 to 8 months
  • Sweat – 3 to 10 days

There are different panel drug tests ranging from the basic 5-panels up to a whopping 12-panels for more extensive screening. The more serious the company is, the more panels drug tests have. Either way, all of them screen for the five top illegal substances: THC, PCP, cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines. It could also include prescription medications, alcohol, LSD, and ecstasy as the panels increase, so keep any drug use at a minimum if you can!

What are False Positives?

If you think drug tests are 100% accurate all the time, you’re dead wrong! The chances of it going wrong increase when you take something as harmless as flu meds and other over-the-counter drugs. If you fail your initial screening, you can complain about a false positive and get a second chance to set things straight. But don’t let it get to that point — it’s better to pass the first time around, and some products guarantee a fail-safe solution no matter what test you take!

Detoxing the Natural Way

If you’re confident that you don’t take enough drugs to warrant buying detox kits or a legit synthetic urine kit, then you can put yourself through self-imposed rehab. It won’t be easy, especially if you’ve developed a routine over the years — but if you have the dedication, you have a good chance of passing. Here are some steps you can follow for a week to several months if you have enough time before test day:

  • Just say no to drugs — at least until you get tested
  • Drink lots of water, juice, tea, and special detox drinks
  • Take vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Work out or induce sweat through hot yoga or saunas
  • Eat healthy and add more fiber to your meals

Is It Worth The Risk?

This is a question you need to ask yourself before choosing to do things naturally. It isn’t a sure-shot way to test negative on your drug test, especially if you’re a moderate to heavy user. You could risk a lot of things by leaving it up to chance, so why not give yourself an extra push with tried-and-tested products? If spending a little more will keep your life and career intact, you might as well try them out for yourself!

How Do Best Detox Pills for THC Help With Drug Tests

where to buy synthetic urine near meBelieve it or not, detox pills work for any drug you can think of! They’re made with organic vitamins and minerals that give you a boost of nutrition to break down the drugs flowing through your system. They’ve also got lots of health benefits because they provide essential nutrients that the body needs to operate at maximum capacity. 

Here are all the ways THC detox kits can help improve your overall health:

  • Cleanses and purifies your blood
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Reduces your body fat percentage
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Increases your urination frequency
  • Regulates your liver and kidney function
  • Regenerates and repairs your cells
  • Improves your excretion of toxins

How Does It Compare to Alternatives?

What makes detoxing special is how it starts the changes from within your body. While detox shampoos, mouthwash, gum, and synthetic urine are effective they don’t take care of flushing you from the inside out. Instead, you can hit two birds with one stone and do your detox routine while taking precautions with other cleansing products! Here’s a quick pro-tip: there’s a difference between nutritional detox pills and drug test detox pills — so always read the labels carefully.

These are the Best Detox Pills for Drug Test on the Market

There are tons of detox pills for THC out there that claim to be the best at detoxification, but cheap products don’t always work as advertised. While some brands are more effective (and expensive) than others, you shouldn’t hold back on spending extra cash if it means passing a drug test. To help you narrow everything down, we’ve listed our top recommendations based on how well they work and how easy they are to use.

1. Toxin Rid Detox: The Best Detox Pills for Drug Test

10 day toxin rid best detox pills for thcToxin Rid is the number one choice for mild to moderate users who have upcoming urine, blood, or saliva drug tests. The pills are easy to take, there are tons of rave reviews online, and it’s made with an advanced formulation to supercharge your metabolization for maximum results.

Each program has a different duration ranging from one day to 10 days, and it works like a charm every time! The kits provide you with a package of pills and drinks that give you a 100% success rate if done correctly.

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2. Rescue 5 Day Full Body Detox

rescue 5 best detox pillsIf you’ve got less than a week to detoxify yourself from head to toe, this kit will come to your rescue! It comes with four different capsules that you have to take according to its instructions, followed up by their ICE capsules when you complete the program.

Once you hit day five, you’ll be free of all unwanted toxins and you can go into your drug testing with your head held high! Just remember that you may need to buy a few packs and take them for a few weeks if you’re a daily drug taker.

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3. Herbal Clean Super QCaps

q-caps best detox pills 2020It turns out that you can cheat surprise drug tests by popping some of these concentrated pills 45 minutes before your test! It prevents any toxins from detection for roughly five hours, but it works exactly like a dietary supplement.

Mild to heavy users can follow the dosage of 4 capsules with a 24-ounce glass of water. While it promises to remove pollutants and toxins from your body, the instructions recommend taking it with other products along with making healthy lifestyle changes.

4. Stat Flush Pills

stat flush detox capsThe pressure of a drug test that’s only days away is enough to cause a panic attack, and that’s why some people go for this product. It works by temporarily masking the toxins in your body for up to four hours, so bring it with you and take it as instructed an hour before your appointment.

The biggest risk here is that you aren’t actually flushing anything out of your body — it only fools the test into thinking you’re negative. As long as you don’t take this with any caffeine, you should be fine!

5. Stinger Detox 7 Day Permacaps Caplets

This vegan formulation is free of caffeine and GMO ingredients, packing enough of a punch to get the job done in a week! Just follow the guidelines and take one capsule when you wake up and another right before you go to sleep. Customers who have taken this product swear that it’s effective, but the label warns against taking it along with other prescription medications.

6. Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

Herbal Pre-Cleanse FormulaGive yourself the deep cleansing power of herbal goodness with these special supplements. You take two dietary pills every day leading up to your drug test, and it’ll speed up your detox by two-fold!

If you’re a chronic user, try to use it for at least a month to make sure you’re totally clear. Keep in mind that you can’t use this on its own — you have to pair it with an actual detox pill to get the desired results.

7. Potable Aqua Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets

If you can’t get your hands on the products we’ve mentioned above, you can use this as a last-ditch effort! It’s normally used for cleaning up contaminated or unfiltered water to get rid of bacteria, toxins, and unwanted particles. Though it isn’t a detox pill, people have discovered that it actually works for cleansing your body. Dissolve two tablets in a glass of water and drink it an hour before your test to help you achieve a negative result.

Beware Of Fake Detox Pills

When deciding what to buy for your detox program, make sure you find the direct seller or website to avoid getting scammed. Because of high-demand, there are lots of counterfeit products going around the black market. Not only are they dangerous, but they could also trigger a positive drug test result. So, shop smart by doing some research before adding anything to your cart!

How to Maximize the Effects

Whether you’re inexperienced or seasoned, taking detox pills can keep the worries at bay and convince you it’ll be okay. But detoxing is not as effortless as popping a few pills to solve everything — it also takes some work on your part to amplify the effects and get the best results out of it. This means exercising, eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and minimizing things that could stress you out.

Bye Bye Toxins

The body has an amazing way of cleaning up after the mess we’ve made, so why not lend yourself a helping hand? Passing a weed drug test can be stressful, but with the right products, you’ll be confident about the results every time. As long as you follow the instructions and go for the best solutions that money can buy, the leftover toxins will vanish without a trace in no time. You deserve a no-fail scenario, so kick-start your detox journey with the top choice on the market: Toxin Rid Detox Pills!